e-Waste in the News

Date Title Source
13/09/2017 MCMC berjaya kumpul 1.5 tan e-sisa mudah alih Utusan Online
09/07/2017 Kitar Semula e-Sisa Mudah Alih Utusan Online
27/06/2017 Don't throw it away! What to do with old electronic devices The Star Online
17/05/2017 Train The Trainers MCMC perkasakan PI1M Utusan Malaysia
28/04/2017 NGO: Be more transparent about recycling management The Star Online
23/04/2017 Undang-undang E-Sisa rumah akan dikuat kuasa selewat-lewatnya akhir tahun depan Astro Awani
22/04/2017 Tech trash piling up The Star Online
13/04/2017 Courts, SKMM lancar inisiatif barangan elektronik BH Online
28/03/2017 Pelancaran Dan Penyerahan Kotak e-Sisa Mudah Alih SKMM di program Selamat Pagi Malaysia YouTube
27/03/2017 Smartphone pollution: How sustainable is the mobile phone industry? The Star Online
02/02/2017 What do you do with your old electronics? Star2.com
29/01/2017 Mesej advokasi MCMC 2016 capai sasaran Utusan Online
19/01/2017 Gadget-hungry Asia tops global e-waste generation SciDev.Net
17/01/2017 E-waste up 63 percent in Asia over five-year period, report finds TechSpot
15/01/2017 E-waste rising dangerously in Asia The Sun Daily
18/11/2016 From trash to treasure The Star Online
28/10/2016 Kuala Lumpur Hackathon Aims to Reduce Electronics Waste Make:
12/10/2016 Sisa peranti ancam alam sekitar Utusan Online
12/10/2016 Undang-undang e-sisa diperkenal Utusan Malaysia (Mega Sains)
12/10/2016 Mobile phone makers should provide dumping ground: Fomca The Sun Daily
03/10/2016 Consumer support needed for campaign’s success The Malay Mail Online
03/10/2016 Mobile e-waste recycling safe, adheres to standards The Malay Mail Online
16/09/2016 Inisiatif MCMC pulihara alam sekitar Utusan Online
16/09/2016 Proses kitar semula e-sisa mudah alih mengikut piawaian Utusan Online
14/09/2016 Recycling gives new life to e-waste The Malay Mail Online
14/09/2016 Kitar semula telefon pintar Harian Metro
12/09/2016 What would you do with your old phone? The Star Online
11/09/2016 Jom kitar semula e-sisa mudah alih! Utusan Online
08/09/2016 BAHAN BERNILAI: SKMM laksana program pengurusan telefon bimbit terbuang Harian Metro
02/08/2016 Tolong kitar semula Harian Metro
20/07/2016 Dispose of old mobile devices the right way The Malay Mail Online
19/07/2016 A million tonnes of e-waste produced yearly The Star Online
11/07/2016 E-waste and discarded mobile phones pose real danger to environment The Star Online
11/07/2016 Recycle? Malaysians want to see the money The Star Online
11/07/2016 Over 90% of mobile devices can be re-used The Star Online
26/05/2016 Find safe ways to dispose of e-waste New Straits Times
02/11/2015 Malaysia negara pertama bangunkan e-sisa Sinar Online
02/11/2015 Malaysia to be first to develop e-waste management system in region, says minister The Malay Mail Online
29/10/2015 Program e-Sisa mudah alih didik amalan kitar semula Berita Harian
29/08/2015 Expired or damaged mobile appliances are a health hazard, should be disposed properly – MCMC Astro Awani
18/08/2015 MCMC And Telco Industry Launch Mobile E-Waste Initiative Solid Waste.com
18/08/2015 MCMC, telco industry launch mobile e-waste initiative Telecompaper
18/08/2015 Mobile e-Waste programme sets one-million target The Sun Daily
30/03/2015 Recycling electronic waste safely The Star Online
30/03/2015 Toxic contamination: Keeping TVs, computers, electronic waste out of landfills The Star Online

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Mobile e-Waste Video Gallery

Mobile e-Waste: Old Phone, New Life

Mobile e-Waste: Telefon Lama, Kehidupan Baharu

Mobile e-Waste @ Selamat Pagi Malaysia RTM1, 28 Mac 2017

Mobile e-Waste @ Buletin Bernama, 1 September 2016

Mobile e-Waste @ Buletin Utama TV3, 28 Oktober 2015

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